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An orange Friday

Bright orange can bring some good energy! Friday can be a busy, busy time, but I’ve gotten a little bit of a boost from some orange influences.

orange fruit jellies

Orange jellies to brighten your day! They’re the same size as the red ones from last week. I hope to have a nice variety of colors soon, so any hungry dolls can have a nice choice of candies.

But there’s more! Every year at Passover, you can expect someone to bring over a box of citrus-shaped jellies. You know, the kind with half-slices of orange, lemon, grapefruit and lime. I’ve only got one option so far, so I hope you like (you’ll never guess) orange!

orange citrus candies

This is how they looked before baking. Maybe a little too shimmery and white. Luckily, some glitter gets lost in the creation process. ¬†Soon, I’ll have a colorful set for a happy 18-inch doll.

For now, have an orange day!

orange candies, two kinds

Miniature matzoh ball soup, good for what ails ya

I love soup. All the time. Summer, winter, no problem. I don’t make matzoh ball soup very often, but I do enjoy the stuff.

A lot of people like to make their matzoh ball soup with really gigantic matzoh balls. Me, too! Here are a couple that I made.

two miniature matzoh balls

Then of course, there’s the argument about hard vs. soft. When they’re made for eating, I like them soft. When they’re made for play, I prefer them hard as plasticized clay.

All the better to serve them up in a tiny bowl with carrot, celery and broth.

matzoh ball soup with penny

I told you the matzoh balls were gigantic!